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Phone: 507-520-4376 Email: shows@stage1sound.com Home location: Blue Earth MN 56013
The Owner

 My name is Dan Warner. I am the owner and operator. I personally operate the sound console at the concerts I am producing and am DJ for all events. I started Stage 1 Sound in February 1996.

Stage 1 Sound is not owned by or commissioned by any radio station, bar, school or other organization. I freely accept or decline to do business based on my values.

A professional service needs to justify itself with the weight of the word "professional." For me, it has to be more cost-effective to hire a service than to attempt renting the same gear. I can tell you that you cannot rent the quality of equipment that I offer with or without an operator. I do not use "plug and play" PA in-a-box type equipment that a music store would rent you. I come with my equipment and will personally set it up and operate for you. Another area where cost would be outrageous is the music I provide for the DJ shows. If you were to get yourself more than 75,000 songs it would cost many thousands of dollars. Think $1.00 per song. On top of that, a playlist created on an iPod for your event will not and can not take into account the hundreds of variables associated with hundreds of guests at a wedding reception, or student's requests at a school dance.

A professional service needs to do what it takes to fulfill their obligations to you. Really, if a friend of yours is going to run your band's sound console in a non-professional capacity, you can keep your cost down, but keep your expectations even lower. Just remember that while cost is a big deal these days, repeat business is very important and will pay for itself when you hold on to it. Your band's reputation lies on how people hear you. Don't take that to chance.

A professional service cannot resort to the same methods someone could do privately. One of these is the method of acquiring music. Read the disclosures and terms of some of the music download sites out there and note that they don't allow commercial usage of the files. Frankly, many in the entertainment business are breaking the law and profiting at the same time. I do not download (free or pay) any of the songs in my library unless it is an emergency. All of my music is sourced from either CD or vinyl and I use a program called Traktor Pro to DJ with.

I am an avid music listener. I love attending many concerts and mixing sound for bands. I don't play any instruments myself, but I have great interest and respect in those who can. I also have a full-time job. I am a licensed electrician for CHS Inc. My wife is Kim (Cossairt) Warner and we have been married 12 years. Kim and I have an 11-year old son, Bennett, and an 9-year old daughter, Evelyn.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Dan Warner

Owner, Stage 1 Sound