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Live Sound Production

Stage 1 Sound has the capability to help you be heard! For events like music festivals, graduation ceremonies, concerts, award shows, presentations, plays, etc I have what it takes.  The gear you would need to rent to equal our equipment offering would be a massive expense- let alone that it is nearly impossible due to most music stores not having the size or calibre of equipment Stage 1 Sound offers.  Not only do I have what it takes for indoor or outdoor sound production at rates below what you should expect- I will be there to set it up and run it.

Don't waste time and fuel driving to a music store to rent a piece of equipment you think you need, but don't fully know how to use. Leave the sound to a pro. Give your audience a true reflection of what your event is all about by giving Dan a call!
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Listed below is a general listing of the major items available for your event.  I don't charge piece by piece.  When you book Stage 1 Sound, all of the resources are available eliminating guesswork for you.

Front of House/Mixing:
1- Allen & Heath GL2800 40 channel live sound mixer, 8 return auxes
1- Soundcraft LX7ii 24 channel live sound mixer.  4 return auxs
1- Soundcraft Ui24R digital 24 channel mixer
1- 24x8 channel snake, 100 ft.
1- 16 ch drive snake, 150ft
1- DBX 286a processor
4- DBX 266XL 2-channel Compressor/Gate
2- Presonus GTX44 4-channel expander/gate (used for gating drum mics, 8 channels total)
1- TC Electronic M350 dual engine vocal effects/reverb
2- TC Electronic M1-XL vocal effect/reverb
1- Numark CDN88 for tracks
1- Tascam CD recorder for recording of events

1- EAW UX8800 front end processing for monitors
1- Radian Microwedge (MW12)
5- EAW VFM129i 12” 2way floor monitor
1- QSC PLX3602
3- QSC PLX2502
1- EAW LA118z subwoofer


4- American DJ 12P Hex RGBAW+UV Wash Lights
4- American DJ Focus Spot 3-Z moving head
1- Martin Atomic 3000
Global Truss 12" box truss
DuraTruss DT-Pro4200 lighting stands

Other Items:
4- ART X-Direct Active Direct Box
2- Radial Pro 48 Direct Box
2- Furman ACD-100 and Motion Labs Distros
2- Motion Labs RacPac Distros
10ft x 20ft tent for FOH console

Main System:
1- Behringer DSP-9024,  6-band compressor/limiter
1- Aphex 204 Aural Processor
1- ART 355 Dual 31 Band EQ
1- EAW UX8800 processor
4- QSC PL340 Amplifier (subs)
1- Lab Gruppen FP13000+ Amplifier (subs)
2- QSC PLX2502 Amplifier (Highs)
1- QSC PL 380 (Low/Mids)
4- EAW KF300z 3-way Virtual Array Loudspeaker
6- EAW SB1001 Dual 18" Subwoofer

4- Sennheiser eWD1 Series Wireless (GHz) Receivers
3- Sennheiser ew835D1 Wireless Microphones (e835 element, Dynamic Cardioid pattern
1- Sennheiser ew935D1 Wireless Microphones (e935 element, Dynamic supercardioid pattern
1- 1⁄4” instrument wireless adapter
1- bodypak adapter for XLR
1- Countryman E6i headworn microphone
1- Audio Technica ATM-25 Kick Drum Microphone
2- Audio Technica ATM 33a condenser microphone (drum overheads)
4- Audio Technica AE4100 High performance Vocalists Microphone
2- Audio Technica XMD Mics (general instruments)
1- Audix ADX20 Clip on horn microphone
3- Sennheiser E609 Guitar  Mic
1- Sennheiser E906 Guitar  Mic
3- Sennheriser E835 Vocal Mics
1- Audix i5 Instrument mic (snare)
1- Audix D4 mic (floor tom)
1- Sennheiser E901 (kick drum inside mic)
2- CAD DMTP Drum Mic Sets
6- Samson S12 Hypercardoid Vocal Mics
1- Shure SM58 Handheld Vocal Mic
1- Shure SM57 Gen Purpose Mic
6-Ultimate MCL70 Mic Stands (Tripod Base, with boom)
3- Ultimate MC41t Tripod mic stand with boom
3- Ultimate low-level mic stands for guitar cabs
3- Ultimate MCL86 Mic Stands (Tripod Base, no boom
3- Ultimate MC-05B Round Base Mic Stand