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Phone: 507-520-4376 Email: shows@stage1sound.com Home location: Blue Earth MN 56013

I used to carry over 3,200 CDs to each and every event. Starting in April 2012, I began conversion of my music to a lossless format (not mp3.) This will allow me greater flexibility when it comes to the physical space I need for events and allow me to have all of my music available at all times without the physical constraints. There are more than 60,000 songs available. The content ranges from 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and newer hits (all formats.) I have seen claims of 100,000 songs, and frankly, they are relying on an internet connection and a downloaded file is not the same quality.

I also have polkas, waltzes, holiday music and other special occasion music.

The music selection includes edited songs for school dances and any other function where obscene language would be inappropriate or not desired.

Most new music is brought to me by

RPM provides radio stations and DJs the new music they need. The biggest advantage to this over buying music in a traditional way is that anything being released is available to me has been selected and is being played on a radio station or satellite station. Also, there is less waste and cost to me for "one hit" artists where buying the entire album is not warranted. This would seem like an argument to download music, however, music downloads have not been cleared for commercial (for profit) purposes outside of a service like RPM. Simply put, it is not legal for me to download music even if I do purchase it, like you, a private listener, might.

All other music in the library is sourced from the original, factory-pressed CDs or vinyl records.

If you are here looking for songs for your wedding event booked with us, here is a .pdf copy of the planner sheet in case you need to print another. Also here is a word document planner you may edit and use as well.

Click on the following to see current listings. These song lists are popular selections only. If you can't find a song, send an e-mail inquiry. It is not advisable that you print these lists off as it could be 400 pages or more. Use a control-F to search for a things in the page.

All formats have been combined into one file to include all oldies, country, rock and pop music for easier searching.

View Music Listings Here: Last Updated 1/21/2013. My new format for my music allows me to export my entire list, however, the 60,000 songs has become such a massive file to view and work with I have decided that if you are looking for a song, just email me.

Alphabetized by Artist Name (entire list)
Alphabetized by Song Title (entire list)

By Artist/Group (As a PDF)
By Song Title (As a PDF)

Spanish Music- list #1

Spanish Music- list #2